We have a sizing guide you can print off and measure your dog's paw with. You can find that here.

Shoes are a great way to protect your dog's paws from ice, rocks, thistles, heat, and snake bites. No matter the terrain, your pup won't have to worry about his paws.

Every dog is different, which means every bag should be customized to your dog's needs! We give you the essentials, and you go from there, like adding some of her favorite treats.

Our larger bags are for dogs 40 lbs+. Our smaller bags are for dogs 40 lbs and smaller. 

If you're planning on adding more things for your dog, the larger the bag, the better!

Yes! Our seatbelt leashes are designed to fit most cars as well as off road vehicles. If you have questions about if it will work with your specific car, shoot us a message here and we'll let you know!

Our leashes are rated for 150 lbs.

Our return/refund policies can be found here.