Our Story

When the pandemic threw us a curveball, Brady and I woke up to the harsh reality that our emergency game was seriously lacking. Cue the brainstorming session that gave us our 72-hour kits and foolproof family emergency plan. But here’s the kicker – We had zilch for our beloved dogs and cats. We were utterly unprepared to help our pets if things went south.

Recognizing we weren’t unique in our situation, we aimed to create something beneficial for other families and their fur babies.

With our four kids, we needed something that could ride shotgun with our dogs or slip seamlessly into our own bags. And voila, the dog go-bag was born – compact, convenient, and as unique as your furry friend. From there other products emerged, and now we have a whole catalog to choose from.

Now, you can kick back and relax, knowing that when chaos happens, your pets are as prepped as you are!

Who We Are

High school sweethearts, Brady and Maise, were born and raised in Utah. Growing up in the outdoors, they wanted to share that passion with their four kids and two dogs. 

Their love for their dogs has helped fuel their business of helping pet owners understand the necessity of preparedness for their pets. 

They are a veteran-founded business that aims to infuse hometown and family values in every aspect of their business, serving their community with pride.